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All our services are tailored to be pocket friendly to all Kenyans. We save you the extra expenses involved in hunting for property or in advertising through other means.


We have the widest variety of properties you can find anywhere. We are always working to add even more every day. Your satisfaction is our priority.


We are trusted by an ever growing community of satisfied customers from every corner of the country.  


We have mapped out the entire country for you. We have every single town and urban center covered. There is no corner of Kenya that has been left out. Gone are the days when you had to walk miles looking for a house to rent, land to buy or a home to purchase.


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Frequently Asked Questions

NyumbaniKenya is a premium real estate service by Ortiz Investment Limited.

NyumbaniKenya allows you to rent, buy or sell property from every part of Kenya from the comfort of your mobile phone or computer. All Nyumbanikenya services can be accessed via its website or through whatsapp.

NyumbaniKenya charges a fair price of Ksh 50 for property search. Pay the money via pay bill number 4044713 to buy a membership that allows you to browse unlimited properties from all over Kenya. What’s more, once you pay for a membership and you dont find your property via search, you can fill a request form with the property details and NyumbaniKenya will assign agents to find it for you. Nobody walks out empty handed.

You can list a property on our website or through WhatsApp. When you list via WhatsApp, you send us your property details and we will publish them for you on our website. You can also create an account and personally list your property. NyumbaniKenya charges Ksh 100 per property for regular listing and Ksh 500 per property for featured listing.

For property search payments, once you click the ‘pay’ button, the system fills in all the details for you and you are only required to enter your M-PESA pin to complete payment.

For property listing payments, you will be provide with an order number/Invoice number. Go to your M-PESA menu, select ‘Lipa na M-PESA’, select ‘Pay Bill’, uner business number enter 4044713, your order number is your account number. Enter your M-PESA pin to complete payment.

WhatsApp/Call 0768-481-971 for inquiries.

NyumbaniKenya ensures that no single customer will walk out empty-handed, provided the type of property they searched for exists. If you get zero search results, fill a request form. NyumbaniKenya will assign agents to manually find the property for you, provided that the search parameters are realistic. We will then call you and connect you with the property owner.

Important Note: Some property types might be totally unavailable in certain parts of the country. For example, Industrial property or a 5-bedroom house might be unavailable in certain small town centers.

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