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Real Estate Property Listing service

Nyumbanikenya is a property listing service that provides an online platform for buyers and  sellers to meet and acquire, dispose or exchange properties.

Businesspeople, institutions and individuals can buy, sell, rent or make inquiries about the availability of real estate property form any part of Kenya. The real estate properties include and are not limited to: Land, homes, villas, apartments, hostels, office spaces, shops, warehouses, parking spaces, hotels, restaurants, guest rooms, hospitals, schools, and places of worship.

Property is listed under two categories: regular and featured. Featured listing will appear over regular listing at all times in the property page and in search results.

Nyumbanikenya employs a variety of methods to market property for the owners and in turn link them to prospective buyers or tenants. First, the property is displayed on Nyumbanikenya webiste. Buyers can therefore access it from the webpage. Also, Nyumbanikenya will run ads on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Nyumbanikenya will also run ads on search engines like Google and Bing. Apart from that, the property will be marketed through bulk SMS from a dedicated sender ID.

Nyumbanikenya is built and powered by ORTIZ INVESTMENT LIMITED.


Why Choose Us


Our services are tailored to be pocket friendly to all Kenyans. Whether it is a property buyer or a seller. 


We are always working to add more listings every day so that we avail to you the widest variety of property to choose from.


We are trusted by an ever growing community of satisfied customers from every corner of the country.  


We have mapped out the entire country for you. We have all major towns and urban centers covered. We also cover smaller towns and market centers.


Phone: (+254)768-481-971
E-mail: customercare@nyumbanikenya
Website: www.nyumbanienya.com

Phone: (+254)731-483-420
E-mail: info@ortiz.co.ke
Website: www.ortiz.co.ke


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